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  • Teachers (PPT, PRT, TGT, PGT)

  • Lecturers & Professors

  • Teacher’s Trainers

  • Aspiring Teachers

TTT Certification (For Teachers)

Day 1 – Five Pillars of Teaching

  • What are the Primary pillars of Teaching

  • Strategy to develop all the pillars

  • How to create impact in a class

  • Ingredients of an effective class

  • Action plan

Day 2 – Communicating with Kids

  • Skills to be an effective Communicator with Kids

  • Setting up Appropriate Foundation for a kid

  • Classical Conditioning Concept

  • Conditioning & Reconditioning

  • Accentuating the Positive Concept

  • Five ‘C’s of connecting kids

  • Old & New style of dealing with Kids

  • Rapport Building – Matching & Mirroring (NLP technique)

Day 3 – Dealing with Adolescent & Aggressive children

  • NCRB Facts

  • Stages of Adolescence

  • Common Adolescent & Teenage Issue & Symptoms

  • Warning Signs

  • How to deal teenage behavior

  • Action and words to avoid while dealing with them

Day 4 – Going beyond stereotypical way of Classroom teaching

  • Defining the class of a Teacher in a Class

  • Tools and techniques of Engaging the class

  • Role of Psychology in the life of a teacher

Day 5 – Technical Errors while Speaking English

  • Type of English do we speak in India?

  • Type of English should we speak in India and globally as an Indian?

  • Role of Fog Horns & Fillers

  • Frequently committed errors in the usage of English

  • Regular words often Mis-pronounced

  • Indian English vs Standard English

Day 6 – Career Counseling

  • The role of a teacher in guiding children for their right career

  • How to decide the career of a child with a Psychometric Test

  • Challenges faced by teachers while guiding a child

  • Career in different streams Science, Commerce, Arts & humanities, Neutral English

Day 7 – Stress Management & Inter Personal Skills

  • Stress – Friend & Foe?

  • Performance & Stress

  • Remote control of Stress

  • Intra vs Inter Personal skills

  • Mantra to strengthen any relationship

TTT Certification includes

  • 8 Days workshop

  • Study Materials

  • Program Completion E-certificate

  • Lifelong Guidance and Direction

  • Recordings

Certification Fee: Rs 2999/-


Jasobant Narayan Singhlal
Certified Career Counselor,Master’s Trainer C2C,
Teacher’s Trainer,NLP Practitioner,
Parenting Guide and Ex-TCS(Corporate Trainer)