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“Why to blame the Trainees, if Trainers are not competent” (A research article on the impact on students via Training). At present, rapidly changing and evolving technologies have made the task of Trainers / facilitators more challenging with the passing days. And we need to be very much careful while dealing, specially, with the budding fresher talents and Job aspirants. This TTT is a Competency Building Program, designed to certify Trainers/ Facilitators with competencies and necessary information, required to groom and prepare a Fresher Job aspirant to reach his goal.


  • Freelance Trainers

  • Aspiring Trainers

  • MBA

  • Faculty Members of T & P Dept.

  • Training cum Placement Officers

TTT Certification (Career Counseling)

Day 1

  • Attributes of an impactful trainer

  • Adult Learning Principles

  • Power of words

  • Crowd Management techniques – Rapport Building

  • Role of Ice-breakers, energizer, Body Language

  • Catch them Young – Nurturing the student from the beginning

Day 2

  • Recruiter’s Expectation (detailed Analysis)

  • Technical

  • Behavioural

  • Standard Recruitment process and Selection Criteria

(This session will be delivered by a HR Professional with 24 years of Work Experience)

Day 3

  • Resume or CV writing Clinic

  • How to write an eye catching Resume’/CV

  • Approach to Resume centric Interview

  • Correcting Resume as an Expert (Activity)

  • VIDEO RESUME and its importance after COVID 19

Day 4

  • Workshop on strength, weakness, hobbies, and self- introduction

  • Job Related Strength (JRS)

  • Areas Of Improvement (AOI)

  • Productive hobbies

  • Tell me something about yourself (1st impression)

  • Email Etiquette

  • Telephone Etiquette

Day 5

  • Group Discussion

  • Prevailing practices in diverse industries : IT, ITES, CORE, MBA admission, Defence, Sales & marketing domain, HR, Consulting Organizations

  • Standard Parameters to assess a participant

  • Roles to be played in a GD

  • LIVE Demo of a GD Scenario by Resource Person Expert followed by participants’ Involvement

Day 6

  • Personal Interview part I

  • Door to door manners

  • LIVE Demo by Resource Person followed by participants Involvement

  • Attire & Grooming

Day 7

  • Personal Interview part II

  • Recruitment Selection criteria by different companies

  • Types of Interview Questions

  • Brainstorming on session on Frequently Asked Questions

Day 8

  • Role of Psychological Test for Success in Interview

  • Personality & Communication style

  • Johari Window

  • WAT & SRT

  • Role of LT & BT in improving the impromptu responding ability in the interview

Day 9

  • Recruitment scenario post COVID 19 – Challenges ahead

  • Roles and initiatives of Trainers

(This session will be delivered by an IT Evangelist Professional with 23 years of Work Experience)

Day 10

  • Question& Answer round on all the topics covered in 9 days

TTT Certification includes

  • 7 days workshop

  • Study Materials and PPTs

  • TTT E –Certificate

  • Future Guidance and Mentoring

  • Session Recording

Certification Fee: Rs 2999/-


Jasobant Narayan Singhlal
Certified Career Counselor,Master’s Trainer C2C,
Teacher’s Trainer,NLP Practitioner,
Parenting Guide and Ex-TCS(Corporate Trainer)