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Voice & Accent Training, is a systematic method to instil a neutral English Accent to our Speech Pattern. In other words, it’s also recognized as Accent alteration or de-accentuation. 

This Training program will result in : 
- Creating a noticeable difference in the clarity & comprehensibility of the communication of the participants.
- Identifying & eliminating the Mother Tongue Influence (MTI)
- Elevating the voice modulation pattern during conversation
- Reducing the usage of Indian English and increasing the use of Standard English  

Module - VOICE & ACCENT 

- What is a neutral Accent
- Difference between British & American English/ Accent
- Received Pronunciation Vs General American
- Phonetics – Sounds of English
- Vowel sound & Consonant Sound 
- Consonant cluster 
- Syllable & types of syllable – Mono-syllabic, Bi-syllabic, Polly-syllabic 
- Syllable stress  & Word stress
- Phonemic transcription
- Intonation – Rise & Fall in speech
- Dialect & MTI – Mother Tongue Influence
- Problem Sounds
- Tongue Twister
- Frequently mispronounced words and their correct pronunciation
- Categorical word drill and pronunciation 
- Maintaining Standard Rate of Speech
- Role of Voice & Tone in Public Speaking  
- Elimination of Fog horns & Fillers

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