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"Employers are not getting the employees they want, and Job seekers are not getting the jobs they want". This clearly indicates that there is Skill gap. In Simple terms "Campus to Corporate" means "Skills acquired to skills Implemented" which means right skill set is inevitable to a desired job. We at IDENTITY focus on diagnosing the need, assessing the skill gap, customizing the Training Program followed by grooming and preperaing the students for Job Interviews.


We provide the following services in a Campus to Corporate Program: 


I - Assessment 


- Pre-Training
- Post Training


II - Communication Skills


- English Speaking Skills
- Email Etiquette
- Telephonic Etiquette
- Public Speaking Skills
- Accent Neutralization / Pronunciation
- Situational Conversation Skills


III - Resume/CV Clinic Workshop


- Standard Resume
- Customized Resume as per Company Requirement
- Video Resume 
- Digital Resume


IV - Group Discussion


- Group Interaction 
- Group Case studies 
- Group Communication Exercise
- Group Presentation


V - Job Interview


- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
- Appearance : Dress, Hygiene, Body Language
- Interview Manners & Etiquette


VI - Personality Assessment 


- Lateral thinking Questions
- Situation Reaction Test
- Situation Judgemental Test
- Word Association Test


VII - Company Specific Grooming 


- Company Specific Resume
- Company Specific Q&A
- Company Specific Mock Interview


VIII - MOCK Personal Interview 


- Mock PI : HR
- Mock PI : Technical