Biswajita Sahoo

This Section is really motivational

Dibyashna Jena

Today's session on the topic GENERAL AWARENESS AND IT'S IMPORTANCE was really amazing.. I got a huge information about various aspects.. I am also very thankful to the teachers who were conducting the session..

Suvam shiney

In today's session I learnt so many interesting facts and some examples of many great people. I first thought that it was a competition but I was wrong it is like a game. But anyway I liked this session and it was my first session. So very very thank u to both the sirs, Thank u so much.

Sarmistha Das

This session was really motivational and we learned how to create our career and how to develop our professional speaking

Aniketa Das

Today's Webinar on General Awareness and It's importance was an amazing lesson for me. Today, I learnt that there is a lot to know in this world and I know less than a few.

Today's session was very appropriative, it gives us many knowledge and help us too much and the lessons that are taught here were very unique..

Ayush Moharana

Today's session was extremely informative and valuable for us. Thankyou so much.

Ananya Avipsa

The session was really motivating .. The best thing about the session is that it really made me more interested to research about what things that are happening around me in my society .. I got to know about the very importance of general awareness in each and every aspect for living in today's society ... Thank you so much for this amazing session.


This session was really amazing.And we got actual meaning of general awareness. Dalvinder is really good speaker.

Subhalaxmi Mohapatra

I learn many things today. I am thankful to sir and I inspired a lot about awareness. Thank you sir...

Koushik Kiran satapathy

Session of the day was really appreciating and appropriately valuable one in influencing our carrer

Sir...we r very much inspired & satisfied in this session.we got so many valuable things about general awareness.thanks a lot sir.

I need to read dactret

Biswabandita Dash

The session was a impeccable blend of informative skills, humour and engaging interactions . This healthy discussion has made us able to understand where exactly we lack and what we can do to fill these loopholes in us. Thank you so much for being a guide to direct way to our wayward life.

Pragyan Paramita

Today's webinar was highly innovative, instructive and amazing. I learnt the real value of public speaking. Definitely I will apply all the methods to develop my public speaking ability. Thankyou


Shradha & Shridhi

Biswajit sundaray

Pranjal Pan

Sir, The session was a great motivational and helpful.. Thank you very much..

Amit Kumar sahoo

The session was truly inspiring and indeed has helped more in professional speaking. I had a funny interaction and thanks for the class sir. Please conduct more..

Rohini Maity

Sir some people when they are going to stage they forgot everything what to speak , in that situation what we will do

Smriti Augustin

Now only I understood what is public speaking and it's importance Thankyou for the wonderful session sir

Anushree Mondal

It is very very motivational and it is helping me a lot

Anwesha Pati

I've so many issues, like emotions, schedule, concentration and Career, Thanks to IBCCC for making my personal & academic life visionary and stable.

Rameesha Akhtar

I had no clue about my life .IBCCC helped me figure, my way not only in my career but also in my life. I always prefer them for any future queries.