Why MSM?

We can not deny the fact, that, the life of school children today and two decades ago is entirely different. It can be unanimoulsy agreed that Students are indeed going through an unavoidable competitive pressure in their school life. Who is to be blamed for : School, Parent, or Society !!! The million dollar question is : Has this Pressure been productive and effective to his academic life or career? Point to be brainstormed!!


What is MSM?

We at CAREER MAP, have designed a Program (12 months/24 sessions/ 1 hour each) : Multi-Dimensional Student Mentorhsip (MSM) which will features personal counseling & handholding sessions, Tracking & Menoring, Task Rendering, Career Counseling, Mentoring for moral, behavioral, and cognitive development of the child.

Mentorship Topics

1. Psychometric Based Career Counselling.
2. SWOT Analysis.
3. Hobby Management.
4. Anger Management.
5. Stress Management.
6. Relationship Management: (Parents, Teachers, Friends and Others).
7. Social Manners & Etiquettes.
8. Social & Interpersonal Skills.
9. Leadership Development
10. Attitude Polish
11. Memory & Concentration Enhancement.
12. Development of Logical Ability and Lateral Thinking
13. General Awareness.
14. Academics Involvement
15. Time Management.
16. Exam Preparation Tracker
17. Guidance to enrolment into Courses/Programs/Scholarships
18. Public Speaking
19. Goal Setting
20. Developing emotional Intelligence


• Monthly 2 Sessions (12 Months x 2 = 24 Sessions)
• Developmental Monitoring Every 15 Days (Students with Parent Involvement when ever required).
• Periodical Development Record will be maintained by Counseling.
• Contingency Sessions when ever child requires (Co-Curricular, Extra-Curricular and Competitions)

Who can join?

- Class VII to Class XII to Under Graduates


Mentorship at Home : Rs 72,000/-

Mentorship at Centre : Rs 36,000/-