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The world of careers at the present scenario is just like Information tsunami now. Information is everywhere, however, the irony is, all information available, is not genuine or credible. As a matter of fact, we all look for a genuine and authentic source where we can get the accurate information related to our career. 

We need to realise that without being aware, we cannot take any Career Decision as little knowledge is never healthy. 

We at IDENTITY, have customized a Career Portal which is an authentic source of information with reserached and regularly upgraded content.      



All about Career :You will find researched information on 550+ careers.

College Directory:You will find information and details like Courses, fees, cut offs, ranking related to 21000+ Colleges.

Entrance Exam: In this section information like application process, eligibility, important dates, is available on 1100+ Entrance exams.

Scholarships, Competitions, & Fellowship Directory :This section has details like application process, eligibility, important dates on 1100+ Scholarships, Competitions, & Fellowships.

Blog: Here you can read articles related emerging careers, competitive exams, case studies, success stories, overseas study and many others.


Who can access Career Portal 

- Everyone who wants to be updated on various Career Options 
- Class VIII to XII to Graduates/Post Garduates / Parents


Career Portal with 1 year validity : Rs 1000/-